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Clients may carefully note that documents/packets given to Mailex must not contain currency notes, which infringes The Indian Postal Service Act, 1893 & The Indian Airline Act.

Cheque, drafts, files, stationary, documents, negotiable items, banking papers, L/C and such documents are not barred from being sent through our courier service. We accept envelopes/parcels in good faith that do not contain anything that infringes the law.

Mailex will not be liable/responsible for any loss/delay in delivery due to fire, strike, accidents, riots, floods & other unforeseen natural calamities.

Mailex will not be liable for any loss due to improper packing & in case of accidents or damages or during security checks. Pickup & Delivery will be effective on all working days / with mutual consent.

Invioces will be raised on monthly basis.

8% Services tax will be charged on Invoice amount.

Credit period of 7 days will be extended from the day of submission of bill.

Cheque should be in favour of "Mailex".

Consignment is subject to correction of weight by Mailex.
(i.e *volumetric weight will be charged according to the volume of the parcel/s)

*To calculate volmetric weight (length x breadth x height / 6000 = volmetric)

All disputes subject to Delhi Jurisdiction Only.